Item collection 2540063 original

Shell and wood dangle earrings


Item collection 2392642 original

Turquoise rondelles and red glass beads necklace earrings


Item collection 2409613 original

Dragonfly pendant and lampwork glass necklace earrings


Item collection 2426988 original

Vintage pendant faux pearls and AB crystals necklace earrings


Item collection 2464686 original

Matte gold tone half moon pendant and red wooden beads necklace


Item collection 2507201 original

Lampwork pendant with multi strands necklace


Item collection 2516264 original

Vintage pearlized shell pendant on chain


Item collection 2579612 original

Ceramic beads with green and yellow turquoise earrings


Item collection 2432423 original

Aventurine leaf pendant and chrysocolla necklace earrings


Item collection 2435168 original

2 in 1 speckled ceramic beads necklaces


Item collection 2507216 original

Vintage pressed amber owl pendant on long chain


Item collection 2536890 original

Sterling silver turquoise dangle earrings


Item collection 2537399 original

Matte silver tone angels earrings


Item collection 2537414 original

Gold tone cherubs earrings


Item collection 2432366 original

Enameled fish pendant and faux pearls necklace earrings


Item collection 2540654 original

Matte gold tone cherub earrings


Item collection 2545607 original

Green lampwork leaves dangle earrings


Item collection 2550984 original

Chinese ceramic flower pots and hematite earrings


Item collection 2551179 original

Carved Chinese dragon phoenix pearls earrings


Item collection 2551194 original

Turquoise and designed metal beads earrings


Item collection 2551801 original

Double turquoise dangle earrings


Item collection 2551839 original

Cherry quartz and hematite dangle earrings


Item collection 2571199 original

Peach aventurine dangle earrings


Item collection 2571227 original

Red jasper dangle earrings


Item collection 2574764 original

Amethyst and bees dangle earrings


Item collection 2579274 original

Long turquoise dangle earrings


Item collection 2579304 original

Turquoise seed beads and bead caps earrings


Item collection 2579442 original

Ceramic beads green turquoise rondelles dangle earrings


Item collection 2595405 original

Ceramic beads with turquoise rondelle earringss


Item collection 2595446 original

Dyed turquoise nuggets and orange aventurine dangle earrings


Item collection 2600960 original

Young jade and red beads dangle earrings


Item collection 2605420 original

light green jade dangle earrings


Item collection 2624793 original

Yellow foil glass and hearts dangle earrings


Item collection 2624975 original

Faceted black beads and oval shell dangle earrings


Item collection 2624985 original

Red and green acrylic dangle earrings


Item collection 2645233 original

Lime green shells and faux pearls earrings


Item collection 2645271 original

Flower and teardrops turquoise dangle earrings


Item collection 2645312 original

Brown jasper and yellow rondelles dangle earrings


Item collection 2648955 original

Long turquoise teardrops dangle earrings


Item collection 2656412 original

Faux pearls and malachite chips earrings


Item collection 2656458 original

Orange jade and brown jasper dangle earrings


Item collection 2670708 original

Vintage turquoise flower earrings


Item collection 2672898 original

Rose quartz and blue goldstone dangle earrings


Item collection 2679315 original

Amazonite and daisies dangle earrings


Welcome to XiaoLinaJewelry

For a major part of my adult life, I had been a teacher. Then my family and I migrated to the States. I discovered that my teaching credentials were not recognized here in the States. Thus I went job-hunting.
My first job was as an expediter for a small costume - jewelry manufacturing company. There I learned the ins and outs of manufacturing costume jewelry. I was also given the chance to do some jewelry designing.
After a few years there, I went to work for a fine jewelry manufacturer. There I learned about gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc. As an expediter, I had to be familiar with the many varied stages of producing pieces of fine jewelry. I was not required to actually work in the factory, just know the steps and which employee handled what.
It was a very good job but unfortunately the owner got into financial difficulties and had to declare Chapter 11.
I went for a floral designing course and obtained a job as a floral designer and customer service rep. in a hospital flower shop.
For relaxation, I designed beaded jewelry. My colleagues suggested that I market my designs and so my on-line business was born.
All my designs are one-of-a-kind and you will not see an identical piece on another person.
I thoroughly enjoyed designing these pieces for you and I sincerely hope you will enjoy wearing them too.
All sold items will be carefully packed in a standard cotton-filled jewelry box, tied with ribbons.........ready for gifting or as a treat for yourself.

I accept PAYPAL and MONEY ORDERS. Please e-mail me if you prefer to use money order and I can provide you with my mailing address. My e-mail address is Thank you.

FREE SHIPPING on all items.

California customers are subjected to a 9.00 % sales tax w.i.e. 1/1/2013

You can also find me on line at:
Here, I sell hand-made necklace-earrings set, necklaces, pendants, earrings and men's jewelry.
Here, I sell sterling silver jewelry, vintage / estate jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings and pins/brooches.

I would be honored if you have a look at my listings.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at
I work a full time job but will answer all e-mails at night.

Thank you.